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always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting. Fishing. Horseback riding.
While, Derek went on to be a 4.0 student and one of the nation's top recruited NCAA football players, I on the other hand decided to spend most my time outside, mostly surfing and fly fishing.
As Derek was pursuing his passion on the field, I was dreaming and wondering when I could get back out in the field - to the most remote area's of America wilderness.
We were raised with an appreciation for life and taught the paradoxical truth that properly pursuing any of God's creatures first meant valuing their role here on planet earth. Thus, we spend the majority of our time reading our scriptures and trying to better understand, as Mufasa best taught Simba, the Circle of Life. 
In 2014 we came to the clear realization that our lives wanted a greater purpose and that our adventures always started with a hot cup of cocoa/coffee. And so, in 2015 we blended (pun intended) those two elements together. 
We believe to become our greatest potential, we must be willing to give our greatest efforts to something greater than ourselves. And for those who really know us, that's saying something because we both happen to be born with a very strong brew of ego.
June 14, 2015, I woke up as normal. I slid down the side of my bed and ask the Big Guy upstairs to help me find fullfilment. I am not always this diligent in saying my prayers, but I had been quite bothered for awhile. I felt that I was meant for something greater than what I was doing. That's not to say that what I was doing wasn't great, it just wasn't right - for me. It was another long chat and I felt as though I was going to tread through another long day, with another unanswered prayer. Garth Brooks may be thankful for unanswered prayers, but I can't stand them.
Remarkably, that afternoon I received a very unexpected email, which turned into a very unexpected phone call. By lunch time, I was inviting Derek and a couple buddies to go see the movie premier of The Abolitionists. 
Fifty50 is the result of that movie premier. As a result of that documentary Derek and I both felt as though Operation Underground Railroad was that cause greater than ourselves. The name of our of company is to reflect and remind us of why we are here. Every purchase, regardless of the product you buy we gift 50% of the net profit to O.U.R. 
We still live our normal lives, and not one of us is so humble to sacrifice the good life completely. So, we simply decided that we would make all the necessary adjustments to live so that we could continue on our outdoor adventures, enjoying the best dam cocoa and coffee around, while at the same time doing what we believe is the true form of capitalism. We share. Equally. 
There are many people and organizations that have done much greater things than we have, but this is our little sacrifice to try and make the world a better place. And in the meantime, we hope that you enjoy our products and that they help inspire you to keep making your sacrifices that make the world a more adventurous place. A better place. A home.
Hugh Vail 
Unexpectedly, we were asked recently to produce a trailer to help promote OUR's film The Abolitionists. This is what we created.